Billy Bob

Please consider donating to BAWF to help Billy Bob.  Billy Bob has lived 5 out of his 10 months (half his life) with this pain and deformity of his front right foot before being turned over to animal control and then BAWF.  The vet diagnosed Billy Bob with severe carpal valgus due to the untreated injury.  The complicated surgery to fix the foot and eliminate the constant pain is estimated to cost $3,000, not including the cost of an 8-week recovery process.  With your help, we could give young Billy Bob a normal, pain-free life and a great future with an adoptive family.  Please donate — no matter how small the donation, it all adds up and Billy Bob will forever be grateful.  BAWF has received 3 special needs rescues from our local animal control in the last 6 months and our coffers are nearly empty paying all of the medical bills.  Thank you for your consideration.